Company Background

Thank you for visiting Pinnacle Tree Service. We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality services at the fair price. Pinnacle Tree Service is equipped to handle all of your tree care needs. Our modern equipment and highly trained staff can perform any of your tree removal needs, no matter how large or dangerous. We remove many difficult trees that some companies are not equipped to perform safely, or simply refuse to do.

With our certified arborists, Pinnacle can properly prune your trees to ensure years of continued beauty and health. We can educate our customers on proper tree care including; pruning schedules, treatments for declining trees, disease prevention and recognition, fertilization and injections for oak wilt and dutch elm prevention.

Pinnacle Tree Service is completely committed to excellence and our customer's professional tree care needs. We go above and beyond your expectations, offering wonderful customer service. Many customers are very pleasantly surprised with all aspects of our company. Pinnacle is a highly skilled company who always performs safe work practices. In this industry, there are no shortcuts. We have great respect for your yard and landscape. Our staff goes out of their way to leave your property in the same condition it was in before they arrived. Clean up after we are finished with a project is a high priority for us, after all you are paying for a complete service.

Please take the time to view all areas of this site. There is a lot of very helpful and educational information that you can benefit from. We look forward to providing you with a very satisfying tree care experience!

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