Storm Damage

Heavy wind storms and tornadoes can be a frightening experience. Pinnacle excels at aiding customers in returning their lives back to order during these stressful times. When large branches or entire trees end up on your home or other personal property, call Pinnacle Tree Service - the storm damage experts.

A knowledagable representative from Pinnacle will promptly arrive at your home and assess the situation in a calm, professional manner. We will fully explain all options available to you and answer all of your questions honestly. If applicable , we will assist you in your insurace claim process. This many times can be a frustrating and cunfusing ordeal, Pinnacle can take all of the difficulty out of the equation and even work directly with your insurace company. We will educate you as a homeowner on how to only pay your deductable and leave the rest of the cost to your insurace company.

We are fully equipped to safely and professionally remove trees and large limbs off your home, fence, car, pool, garage, etc. This is important especially in an insurace claim situation. We guarantee we will use the safest equipment and methods to lift trees and limbs off your personal property without further damage. (Many other less professional companies may not take the time or personally care for your property and do additional damage to your personal property)

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