The 10 most Frequently Asked Questions by customers

Why are there such variances in price on estimates I've received from different tree companies ?

Minnesota and Western Wisconsin have hundreds of companies in the tree service industry. Many of which do not employ certified arborists, carry proper insurance and perform very unprofessional work. Because of this and many other factors, estimates you receive may vary quite a bit in price. Pinnacle Tree Service generally is right in line with its comparable sized competitors. We give you the highest amount of value for your dollar. We guarantee that when you hire Pinnacle, a professional company with extreme honesty and integrity to its customers, you will be very happy with your decision.

When in the best time to prune my trees ?

The fall and winter months are always your best time of year for trimming. When your trees are dormant and the sap is not running, this is the ideal time to properly care for them with pruning. Without the presence of leaves it is easier to view the branch structures and create a more attractive shape, correct improper growth patterns and train leader branches. Also, pruning wounds will close over or compartmentalize sooner when the tree awakens in the spring.

Does Pinnacle Tree Service offer references or referrals ?

Absolutely ! We obtain many new customers from referrals from very satisfied customers. Pinnacle can furnish you with a list of references which reflect similar types of jobs in which you may be inquiry an estimate for.

Some tree service drove up with a truck and a few guys looking to give me a good deal on tree work in my yard. The price seemed fair, should I hire them ?

We would hope not, but unfortunately this happens quite often. Especially during wind storms, when customers are vulnerable and looking for a quick solution to their problems. Most of these individuals will show up from hours away, with no insurance, very little equipment and with a company name abbreviating two names. Ex. (R&S tree service) We have seen the type of workmanship from these so called tree companies, and let us assure you it is very sub par. We hear horror stories all of the time. For example:

  • Customers paying cash before the debris is hauled away, and then never returning.
  • Dropping tree branches on your home and not having insurance.
  • Driving equipment on your lawn or landscape and leaving ruts.
  • Large segments of trees slamming into your yard, rather than roping pieces down.
  • Horrific pruning practices, which leaves your trees looking maimed. Pinnacle Tree Service is very professional and can save you from making a frustrating mistake.

What can I expect my yard to look like after you have left my property ?
Pinnacle Tree Service is extremely thorough when it comes to clean up on all of our jobs. We treat your property as if it were our own. You take a lot of time, money and pride in maintaining a clean appearance in your yard. We believe that should be respected and it shows with our extensive clean up practices. When you hire a tree company, you should not have to go back in your yard and pick up sticks or use a blower to clean off your driveway, deck, etc. We will go the extra mile to make you pleasantly surprised.

I have a large tree that blew over in my yard, but the insurance won’t cover this. What other option do I have besides putting this on my credit card ?

Pinnacle offers payment plans in certain instances which are tailored to the customers needs. We realize unexpected situations arise and we all have bills to pay and families to support. Pinnacle is extremely customer oriented and wants to cater to everyone’s needs.

What are some common signs that my tree is sick or in need of removal ?

Eight Signs of a Sick Tree

You love your trees. They provide shade, beauty and character to your home and yard. The last thing you want is to cut down a treasured tree that doesn't need to be removed. But a sick tree can be a danger to both your house and your family. One very tragic case we read about involved a mother and her two sons who were killed by a 100-year old falling tree during a thunder storm in 2003. A certified arborist who examined the tree after the accident said its root system was severely damaged by a root rot fungus. This could have been avoided if the tree was inspected early on and removed.

If you suspect that one of your trees is sick or damaged, check to see if it displays any of the following indicators of a tree in trouble:

  • Mushroom-type fungi growing at the base of the tree
  • Sawdust along the trunk base or root zone
  • Cracks in the trunk or major limbs
  • Hollow or decayed areas
  • Wilted or discolored leaves
  • Insect damage
  • Dead branches
  • Man-made wounds

If you do have a sick tree and want it removed, call a reputable insured company like Pinnacle Tree Service, offering custom removal services that match your needs and budget. If you love your sick tree and want to know if it can be saved, Pinnacle can still help. We have the technology and expertise to determine if your tree can be nursed back to health, or if it has to go.

Even if the tree can be saved, it's important to prune dead, diseased or damaged branches promptly. Not only can diseased branches cause further problems with the tree, a large falling branch can cause considerable damage in its own right.

Why should I invest money on maintaining the trees on my property ?

By cleaning up your wooded lot or by consistently pruning your trees, you add value to your property. Manicuring your trees and wooded lot, will give you substantially higher resale value on your home. Also, by properly maintaining your trees through periodic trimming, you avoid risk of storm damage. This saves you money over time, not having to turn in insurance claims, which generally will increase your homeowner rates.

As a conscientious consumer, explain how I can save money on tree services?

We love to help our clients save money. Here are some tips which will help you get the most bang for your buck:

  • If you have small removals or work you feel comfortable safely doing yourself, we can pick up your brush and log piles and save your money.
  • If you want to keep logs for firewood, or burn your brush we can leave wood or logs on your property.
  • If you have neighbors who also need work on their property, we offer excellent neighborhood discounts.
  • Contract with us during the winter months. There are no leaves on the trees, thus creating less clean up. The ground is frozen, so we can maneuver equipment on your yard much easier.
  • Refer us to a friend or neighbor and receive a gift certificate to: Best Buy, Target, Applebees, Lowe’s, Petco, etc. or receive a discount on your next tree service.

How long does it take from my initial call or email to receive an estimate ?
1 to 3 days. We can be there within hours if it is an emergency. Pinnacle can leave an estimate for you within 1 day if you don’t have to meet with an estimator. However, we are happy to contact you to set up an appointment to meet at your home or place of business at your convenience. You can generally expect your work to be completed within a week of agreeing to the contract. All of our estimates are good for six months.

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