Tree Pruning

Pruning is extremely important in maintaining the health of your trees. Pinnacle uses strict pruning guidelines in accordance with the ISA (International Society of Arborculture) By properly pruning and maintaining your trees, Pinnacle Tree Service can add value to your property and continued health to your trees. Here are some pruning issues Pinnacle Tree Service can assist it's customers with:

- Inspecting your trees annually or bi-annually for health issues and structural defects. By being proactive, we can save the customer money down the road from weak points in their trees, which often lead to storm damage or cavities and tree decay. Also, diseases can be addressed early on to protect and save your trees.

- Begin pruning your trees early. By training your trees early on we can establish correct growth patterns and avoid weak branch structures. These are necessarry pruning practices to deter broken limbs, cavities and cracks or splits in the future.

- Maitenance Tree Trimming - This is key to ensure your trees stay healthy and maintain structural integrity. Trees need proper pruning approximately every 2-5 years to maintain their proper shapes and to train limbs. This time frame may be more or less depending on the species of tree. Structural maintenence helps correct problems which will allow your trees to live a long, healthy life.

- Selective pruning and thinning are extremely important in giving your trees a strong defense during wind storms and tornadoes. It is also a good practice to eliminate cross branches and competing leader branches. This allows for stronger limb structure and eliminates branches rubbing together in high winds.

- Removing deadwood and broken branches. - This is an important factor in adding to the health of your trees. By eliminating these limbs, you allow your tree to feed healthy live branches and also keep away rot and the introduction of insects and disease.

- Hazerdous limb removal is vital in keeping your loved ones and property safe. (Please leave these dangerous situations to tree professionals. Many times homeowners take it upon themselves to try and solve these problems on their own. Many times ending in severe injury or damage to their property in an attempt to save money) Large snapped branches, pruning back from rooflines and powerlines, large rotted limbs over your pool, fence, shed or garage are all areas of expertice Pinnacle can assist you with. These issues are all handled professionally and technically to avoid any damage to your property and landscape.

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