Tree Removal

Many times removal of your tree or trees becomes necessarry. Pinnacle Tree Service has qualified expert climbing technichans and 60' of aerial bucket reach to complete these removals. Here is a detailed list of removal scenarios we can assist you with:

Removal (Back Yard) Or Limited Access - No access to aerial bucket truck. In many cases trees are in areas where the use of equipment is not an option. We then utilize our expert climbing techs. who are extremely experienced in rope and saddle climbing to remove the tree. This is a very safe and effective method, when performed by a professional, experienced climber.

Techinal Roping & Rigging Situations - In certain instances large branches, limbs and logs need to be roped and lowered down in a controlled fashion. This prevents damage to your landscape and also avoids nicking up your roof, deck, fence, home, other trees and personal property. (Please be cautious- other less professional companies may not be experienced at roping and rigging and could cause more damage to your property than the cost of the removal ! )

60' Aerial Bucket Truck Removal - Working over homes, powerlines, pools, fences and other obstacles can be completed easier with an arial bucket truck. This allows us to work a bit more efficiently and safely, while saving you money. If the removal is located in an area where we need to access over the lawn, we use large rubber mats or plywood sheets to protect your yard. We will not leave ruts or damage your property. Pinnacle prides itself on respecting your personal property and will go above and beyond to leave your home with everything looking as it did before we arrived.

Crane Removals - There are certain instances when the assistace of a large crane in necessary to aid an arial bucket truck or expert climbing tech. Here are some examples:

  • When a tree becomes so large, that by using a crane to remove the tree in large sections, becomes much more cost effective than roping and rigging many pieces down in a long drawn out process.

  • When the tree is located in a back yard or has very limited areas to lower sections down with ropes. In this case, sections can be safely lifted up over other trees, your home and other obstacles without doing any damage.

  • When a tree is uprooted or snapped off from a storm. Many times using a crane to lift the damaged tree off your home or personal property poses the safest manor to avoid further damage.
(Suprisingly to many customers, the use of a large crane to assistace in removals is many times less expensive than conventional removals. We do many removals this way and are extremely experienced and efficient at them ! )

Emergency Storm Damage - When heavy winds, tornadoes or ice storms come through, Pinnacle is there to help. We have all the professional equipment and expertise to safely remove snapped trees and branches off of your home, car, fence, pool and other items. We will assist you with your emergency storm claims, so that you are not at the mery of your insurance provider. We will educate and assist you in how to only pay your deductible and have most or all of the job covered under your insurance.

Lot & Land Clearing - Pinnacle is set up to handle all of your clearing projects. Whether you are just clearing some trees to put up an addition or pole barn. Or, clearing an entire lot for a new home construction. We are very efficient with our large equipment and can generally do clearing projects more economically than most of our competition. We have a large farm do dispose of tree debris, so dumping fees aren't figured into our bids.

Contractor Deadlines - If you are a contractor and have a limited amout of time to complete a project, Pinnacle can help you. We have many contractors and developers we work with currently and would love to have you on board as another extremely happy customer.

Dead Or Diseased Removals - When the city marks your tree or trees for Dutch Elm, Oak Wilt or other tree diseases, Pinnacle is there. Many times, you are given deadlines to remove these trees, or the city will hire an expensive alternative and bill you. We can make these frustrating situations, much smoother for you. We offer payment plans, credit card payment and other alternatives to assist you in getting through this sometimes stressful and unplanned situation.

Stump Removal - Pinnacle can remove your stumps with our portable back yard sturmp grinders. These units have turf friendly tires and articulate, so there is no need to drive a truck and damage your lawn.

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